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Lincolnshire Farm Cultivates Rare White Poinsettias for Festive Season

A flower farm in Lincolnshire has embarked on cultivating a unique variety of white poinsettias, a deviation from the traditional red ones commonly seen during Christmas.

Bridge Farm Group in Spalding, renowned as one of the UK's largest poinsettia producers, is introducing the white Alaska poinsettia, originally from Sabaudia in Italy.

The managing director of the farm, David Brown, highlighted the diversity of poinsettias, mentioning over 100 varieties in different colours including red, pink, white, yellow, orange, purple, and multi-coloured.

This year, the farm's white poinsettias, priced at £12 each, will be available at a major national supermarket chain.

Poinsettias, native to Mexico, were named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, a US representative to Mexico and an avid botanist. The plant was popularised as a Christmas symbol in the USA in the early 1900s by Albert Ecke, a German immigrant, and later by his family.

Tesco's plant buyer, Vicky l'Anson, expressed excitement about the white poinsettias, hoping they would impress shoppers.

She noted that over the past decades, poinsettias have become the top choice for gifting flowers during the festive season, symbolising the onset of Christmas alongside mince pies.

The poinsettia season is relatively short, with the plants available in stores for about eight weeks until the end of December.


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