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Logistics Industry Calls for Dedicated Minister to Transform Supply Chain

As the UK gears up for the general election, the logistics sector, crucial to the fresh produce and cut flower industries, is demanding significant reforms to enhance efficiency and growth.

Logistics UK and the Road Haulage Association (RHA) are advocating for the appointment of a dedicated Minister for Logistics and Supply Chain, emphasising the sector's role in driving the economy.

Logistics UK's Vision

Logistics UK’s manifesto, “Unleashing the Power of Logistics to Drive Growth Across the Whole Economy,” underscores the importance of:

  • Skills Partnerships and Reforms: Addressing the talent shortage through comprehensive training programs and partnerships.

  • Innovative Infrastructure Investment: Developing an integrated infrastructure to streamline logistics operations.

  • Green Economy Transition: Implementing technology, regulatory reforms, and tax incentives to support sustainable practices.

  • Trade Support and Reduced Border Friction: Facilitating smoother trade flows post-Brexit to ensure the efficient movement of fresh produce.

David Wells OBE, Chief Executive of Logistics UK, highlighted the potential for the sector to contribute £7.9 billion annually through productivity-led growth if backed by appropriate policies.

A survey by Ipsos reveals that while only a third of adults feel the government currently supports logistics adequately, a majority recognise its critical role in economic strength.

RHA’s Strategic Priorities

The RHA echoes these sentiments, focusing on:

  • Skills Reform and Investment in Roads: Improving driver facilities, ensuring safer parking, and maintaining road infrastructure are critical to sustaining the supply chain.

  • Net Zero Emissions Roadmap: Collaborating with the government to achieve environmental targets while supporting economic growth.

Richard Smith, Managing Director of the RHA, emphasises the necessity for regular government engagement with the logistics sector to ensure it remains a robust economic driver.



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