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Logistics UK calls for certainty as MPs debate Retained EU Law bill

During yesterday's (24 May) discussion in the House of Commons over the Retained EU Law bill, the Logistics UK trade association demanded that businesses be provided with assurances.

"Our members need certainty over the terms under which they trade," said Kate Jennings, the policy director of Logistics UK.

"While the government's recent changes to the Retained EU Law Bill provide some reassurance that they aren't facing a regulatory cliff edge, it remains vital that the government confirms the scope and scale of the legislation that is yet to be amended, as well as the timescales under which changes are to be made."

"The logistics sector is flexible and adaptable, but it cannot keep making last-minute changes to trading arrangements if the supply chain is to be protected – businesses need a clear understanding of what needs to be reformed and by when, to keep the UK trading effectively."

According to Logistics UK, the importance of effective logistics has never been higher than it is now because of factors such as decarbonisation, Brexit, new technology, and other disruptive forces that are pushing change in the way commodities move across borders and along the supply chain.


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