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M&S food showcases best of British farming with return of Fresh Market Update campaign

M&S Food has launched its new five-month Fresh Market Update customer campaign, showcasing how its British Select farmers deliver the exceptional quality, value and freshness the retailer is known for.

Building on the success of last year's campaign which reached 35 million people across 18 weeks and strengthened customer perceptions of M&S quality and value, the new multimedia and TV campaign will see 62 different ads running between April and September.

Viewers will see how growers deliver the freshest and highest quality produce, while investing in sustainability.

M&S works with 8,000 Select Farmers it knows and trusts across the UK to deliver trusted value for customers, and has the widest range of RSPCA Assured products available than any other national retailer.

The first advert will be broadcast this evening during Channel 4's Gogglebox, fronted by ITV Weather's Lucy Verasamy. Each week, documentary-style episodes presented by Lucy will take customers behind the scenes of a different M&S product.

Fresh Market Update will run across ITV, Channel 4 and YouTube, with videos also available on an online hub containing farmer stories and recipes. Customers will also see the campaign across direct mail, emails, social media and via M&S' nationwide store-run local Facebook pages, which receive over 3million views a week.

M&S Food Marketing Director, Sharry Cramond, said: "Our Fresh Market Update campaign is a celebration of the best of British farming. Through our longstanding supplier relationships with our Select Farmers, we're able to offer trusted value, which matters to customers more than ever. This means delivering exceptional value delicious quality meat and fresh produce day in day out without compromising on our leading sourcing and animal welfare standards."

M&S' has invested over £100 million in its value proposition over the last three years as part of its commitment to delivering trusted value for customers.

Farmers behind products including M&S' 100% RSPCA Assured milk (2 pints for 95p), the best pick of the crop Jersey Royal New Potatoes (750g for £2.50), British Frozen Garden Peas (1kg for £1.20) and Select Farms 100% British Beef Mince 5% Fat (500g for £3.00) will all feature in the new Fresh Market Update campaign.

M&S Food Head of Brand Communications, Robbie Black, adds: "Fresh Market Update is not just a TV campaign, we'll be reaching customers across email, organic and paid social media, as well as tying in with our newly launched M&S Food magazine available in-store.

"We've partnered with ITV Creative to deliver innovative documentary-style format films that will really engage viewers. Last year the campaign was a huge success, reaching 35 million people across 18 weeks and we're hoping it will be just as popular this year."

Offering the best of British flowers

In South Lincolnshire, the Naylor family have been growing cut flowers for over 70 years and Matthew Naylor and his team have been supplying M&S with a variety of British flowers for nearly two decades.

The farm grows over 100 million stems of cut flowers per year including sunflowers, sweet williams, delphiniums, alliums and peonies. The skilled harvest team pick the flowers seven days a week so that they are at just the right stage, to make sure that they look their best in M&S customers' homes.

M&S' agronomists have developed specific flower foods that give each flower type the longest life possible once they are in the vase.

Buying British flowers helps to create jobs in the countryside and in recent years the Naylor family has been able to invest in sustainable farming projects including renewable energy, roof water harvesting and robotic weeding.

For more information about Fresh Market Update: click here.

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