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Making vertical farming accessible to all

“With our solutions and technology, our company is poised to play a major role in shaping the future of agriculture, making it a smart investment for anyone looking to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new industry,” says Paul Declan, manager of Vertiseed Farms.

Vertiseed Farms is an agtech company based in London, UK that offers comprehensive vertical farming solutions that include design, manufacturing, marketing and technical assistance.

The farm has an online store featuring small-scale hydroponic systems, racking systems, horticultural lighting, containerised systems, irrigation, etc. Taking it a step further, the company offers training, servicing and preventative maintenance to keep vertical farms’ downtime to a minimum.

Energy efficiency at the core

Vertiseed Farms’ production systems focus on minimizing energy consumption through energy-efficient technology and clean energy sources. For example, their systems use wavelength-selective photovoltaic systems (WSPV) and solar panels to power operations. The farms are also hydroponic and use LED lighting and osmosis-based water purification to promote circularity and reduce inputs.

The combination of advanced technologies goes beyond input efficiency, also maximizing what is coming out of the farms. According to the company, its HarvestHub 40-ft containerised farming allows growers to produce 3.500 plants simultaneously within 30-40 days, whereas conventional farming would require 60-64 days.

“By prioritizing both sustainability and efficiency, we aim to provide a solution to the global food demand while addressing environmental concerns,” says Paul.

HarvestHub is in high demand

Vertiseed Farms’ HarvestHub farming unit is proving to be the company’s most demanded product as its compact design enables its deployment in any location. As the company explains, the HarvestHub boasts low energy consumption, high yields and customisable crop recipes to help growers meet the demand for diverse crops in high volumes.

“Whether you're a farmer looking to expand your operation or a community seeking to establish a local food source, the Vertiseed Farms HarvestHub is the perfect solution,” explains Paul.

The systems can be used to grow a variety of leafy greens, herbs, fruiting crops and microgreens and the company is continuously expanding this portfolio by developing new crop recipes.

Moving forward, Vertiseed Farms hopes to generate buzz and growth in the vertical farming industry, increase its market presence and continue the development of sustainable farming methods. To anyone passionate about sustainable farming, Paul says they need not look further than Vertiseed Farms, as the company’s dedication to changing the world for the better is unmatched.


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