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'Market forces' may force Liz Truss into tax U-turn, suggests Priti Patel

Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng may be bounced into a U-turn on corporation tax by "market forces", Priti Patel suggested yesterday evening.

In her first broadcast interview since leaving the Cabinet last month, Ms Patel said the final decision would be determined by "crucial levers".

"There's an irony to this, which is market forces will probably dictate some of these changes now," the former home secretary told Sky News.

"Primarily because, you know, we want to see stability.

"Stability is absolutely crucial for everyone to carry on living their lives and institutions to function, but actually for the British people to have the, you know, stability that they need in their lives as well."

Ms Patel also urged the party to "unite" behind Ms Truss but insisted the beleaguered leader must stick to Boris Johnson's 2019 general election manifesto.

Earlier today the Sun newspaper reported the Prime Minister would end up raising corporation tax, going against her leadership promises, but Downing Street sources have denied these claims to the Telegraph.


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