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Morocco Among Major Beneficiaries of Brexit

Rabat - Morocco is among the major North African countries identified as the “biggest beneficiaries” of Brexit.

The Daily Express said on Monday that Morocco, along with Egypt, is one of the primary beneficiaries of Brexit, with the two countries witnessing a “significant increase” in the value of their exports to the UK.

“This is due to UK trade with EU member states becoming increasingly difficult due to complex import protocols and food price inflation,” the news outlet said.

The complex situation led UK importers to shift their focus to non-EU states, including Morocco.

For example, UK imports of Moroccan fresh and dried as well as frozen fruit and vegetables increased by 200% between 2018 and 2022.

The website also reported a remarkable increase in terms of UK imports of Egyptian fresh, dried, and frozen fruit and vegetables during the same period.

Data shared by the same source said that the UK spent £ 425 million on Morocco’s produce, including fruit and vegetables in 2022.

It also invested at least £352 million last year.

The UK consumes several Moroccan products, including raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries.

Morocco exported tomatoes worth £ 163 million and tangerines valued at £ 36 million in 2023.

The data highlighted a remarkable decrease in UK imports from EU countries compared to imports from Morocco.

“Despite being an EU member, Poland saw an increase in its market share in the UK with imports increasing 33 percent over the period. Spain also increased its exports to the UK,” Daily Express said.

The UK is one of Morocco’s key partners. The UK and Morocco share an Association Agreement that the two countries signed following Britain’s exit from the EU in 2019.

Since Brexit, the UK government has been emphasizing its determination to maintain a strong cooperation with Morocco.

In a previous report, the Daily Express said in December that many, including former Prime Minister Borris Johnson, rejoiced the partnership that the two countries enjoyed following Brexit.

The “former Prime minister is understood to have told friends that the doubling of trade with Morocco since Brexit even before a new advanced deal is signed is an example of the benefits of leaving the EU,” the news outlet said in December 2023.

The Daily Express also quoted Morocco’s ambassador to the UK Hakim Hajoui, who emphasized the growing international support for Morocco’s Western Sahara position.

The report suggested that cooperation between the two countries could be advanced further in the case of the UK's decision to join growing support for Morocco’s position, particularly the serious and credible Autonomy Plan.


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