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Morrisons Partners with Filco to Support Local Producers in New Retail Collaboration

Morrisons has announced the inaugural opening under its new collaboration with Filco Supermarkets.

Paul Dobson, the Wholesale Director of Morrisons, articulated the synergy between the two businesses, noting, "Filco stores are renowned for their exceptional deli counters, mirroring the high standards of Morrisons.

"Furthermore, their commitment to supporting local Welsh farmers and suppliers resonates deeply with our values."

Matthew Hunt, a director at Filco Supermarkets, along with his team, has expressed gratitude for the substantial support provided by the Morrisons Daily team, which was instrumental in the rebranding and launch of their Tailbach store.

"By amalgamating Filco's strengths with the rich heritage of the Morrisons brand, we are filled with anticipation about the store's potential success," he remarked.

The 'Together with Morrisons' initiative is meticulously crafted for independent store owners who possess well-established local brands and operate larger retail spaces.

Stalls of locally grown fresh produce will features strongly in the store's layout.

The pioneering 'Together with Morrisons' store was unveiled in May 2022, through a partnership with Warner’s, setting a precedent for subsequent openings in collaboration with Jempsons and Fresh & Proper in the preceding year.

The strategic alliance underscores Morrisons' commitment to enhancing its presence and support within the local community, whilst bolstering the offerings of independent retailers across the United Kingdom.


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