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Mother and children safely rescued from refrigerated lorry near Cambridge

A woman and her two young children have been safely removed from the back of a refrigerated lorry, where they had been for roughly three days.

Authorities were summoned to a service area on the A14 near Cambridge at approximately 16:00 BST last Thursday. The alarm was raised due to concerns that a family might be concealed within the lorry, which was transporting a consignment of grapes.

Upon their arrival, the police ascertained that the family were in good nick, despite their gruelling ordeal. The family had embarked on a hazardous journey across several European nations before finding themselves in the refrigerated vehicle. They are now in the hands of immigration services, and to date, no arrests have been made in connection with the event.

The episode shines a spotlight on the extreme lengths some individuals are prepared to go to in pursuit of a better life.

The family's trek across Europe, cooped up in a refrigerated lorry for days on end, highlights the desperate steps people will take when cornered by adverse circumstances.


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