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Nearly a third of Brits admit to wasting food over Christmas

More than 10 per cent of Brits' Christmas food shop will end up in the bin this festive season, according to a new poll.

A survey of 2,000 adults who celebrate Christmas found that 61 per cent overbuy to make sure they don’t run out.

But this leads to half of them admitting to wasting more food than usual at this time of year.

And 16 per cent find it difficult to judge just how much they need to see them through.

But in a bid to curb the amount of food which gets chucked away, 35 per cent are going to force down foods they don’t particularly like.

While 38 per cent will be giving leftovers for their guests to take away with them, 41 per cent will try to get creative in the kitchen to use up their leftovers.

Sandwiches being the most popular leftover dish and 39 per cent like to spice things up on Boxing Day with a curry.

Just over a third turn to the traditional bubble and squeak, and 31 per cent chuck their leftovers into a hearty soup.

The research was commissioned by Waitrose as part of its campaign to help halve UK household food waste by 2030.

When quizzed more generally about food waste, 27 per cent recognised their household had a problem with it, but 48 per cent said their awareness of the issue has increased over the last five years.

But the study, carried out via OnePoll, found 54 per cent believe food waste is a major issue we need to tackle together as a society.


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