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New App Famooshed Revolutionises Local Food Shopping in the UK

UK shoppers now have the opportunity to purchase fresh, locally sourced food directly from their mobile devices thanks to the launch of a new app.

Image: Famooshed

Famooshed, a virtual farmers' market app, enables individuals to support their local communities by purchasing local fresh produce, aiming to redefine the way people access and enjoy locally sourced products.

The app offers a platform for both consumers and producers in local markets, aiming to transform shopping habits. With 64% of UK residents expressing a preference for local shopping in the past year, Famooshed positions itself at the forefront of this growing sector.

Famooshed provides a user-friendly experience that allows buyers to explore and purchase produce while connecting with local businesses. It also offers detailed information about local businesses, including sourcing and production methods, and insights into the background and story of each business, enabling more informed purchasing decisions.

Looking ahead, Famooshed plans to build a community of local shopping enthusiasts who can engage in various activities, such as virtual farm tours, cooking demonstrations, and live Q&A sessions with local farmers, enhancing their knowledge of local food and contributing to a larger, sustainable movement.

Eden France, co-founder of Famooshed, expressed excitement about the launch: “We are so excited to announce the launch of our new application that aims to bring sustainability to the forefront of shopper’s minds.

By providing a platform for merchants who prioritise environmentally friendly practices and quality assurance, we promise to provide the best shopping experience to our users.”

The app is available for download on iOS and Android devices, inviting people to join a community dedicated to reshaping the future of local shopping. For more information, visit


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