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New pumpkin shaped mandarin variety presented as a healthy alternative to sweets

AMFRESH Group, through its team at Genesis Innovation, a pioneering force in varietal development across citrus, exotics and berry categories, are thrilled to introduce a limited-edition citrus variety with a unique and iconic pumpkin shape, easy-peeling multi-colour skin and sweet and virtually seedless pulp, a healthy alternative to candies for this time of the year.

David Alba, CEO of Genesis Innovation, one of the “wizards” behind this extraordinary citrus sensation, shares his excitement: “it is a unique high quality mandarin variety that resembles a pumpkin, what makes it ideal as a healthy snack for these traditional celebrations. It is a new magical addition to the world of citrus and a true testament to our commitment to deliver innovative varieties to the market to excite shoppers, drive category novelty and bolster growth".

In this inaugural year of production, volumes are exceptionally limited, making it a unique and sought-after item. This boutique launch year includes sampling volumes available exclusively in the UK and Spanish markets, allowing consumers in these regions to taste it first hand.

This new mandarin debut coincides with the continued exponential growth in global expenditure on Halloween-related goods and events, where in the United States alone consumers are expected to spend above $12,2 Billion according to National Retail Federation’s 2023 annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics.

"AMFRESH invites retailers worldwide to explore the potential of offering this fruit to their shoppers in this season. Simultaneously, Genesis Innovation encourages global citrus growers in the Northern Hemisphere to consider the possibilities that this variety offers in diversifying their portfolios and become a sensation in the world of produce.

“In the pursuit of healthier choices, this easy-to-peel mandarin takes center stage, offering a compelling alternative to traditional confectionary treats. Its natural sweetness and virtually seedless nature make it the perfect choice for consumers looking to discover a natural and healthy treat during this time of the year” emphasizes Patricia Sagarminaga, Global Director of Marketing & Communications at AMFRESH, "We invite consumers to expand their options and explore a new horizon of healthy snacking.”


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