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From Comics to Cooking: Ocado & Beano's Green Recipe Revolution

Ocado has teamed up with Beano to launch the comic’s first ever cookbook, designed to help families cut down on food waste.

Ocado and Beano have collaborated to unveil an unprecedented cookbook with the aim of curbing food waste. This novel venture also features the adventurer Ben Fogle and presents a modern twist on iconic comic characters through family-friendly recipes.

The recipes, such as "Near-Off Toffee Pie," "Bangers and Gnash," and "Jammy Dodger-Inspired French Toast," utilise commonly discarded household foodstuffs like overripe bananas and stale bread.

The cookbook will be available in both print and digital formats, commencing from the 27th of September through to the October edition of Ocado Life. The recipes are designed to prolong the lifespan of essential food items.

As part of a wider educational campaign, Ocado and Beano have crafted bespoke lesson plans for primary school pupils in the UK, centred around food waste and cooking skills.

Recent research from Ocado indicates that 56% of parents have never engaged their children in conversations about the significance of avoiding food waste, whilst 37% of youngsters express a keenness to engage in more cooking activities with their families. Despite this, two-thirds of parents reckon their children are more environmentally conscious than they were at a similar age.

In light of recent changes in supermarket protocols, such as the removal of 'best before' labels on numerous fresh products, a quarter of households have improved their food management.

Ben Fogle shared his enthusiasm about the initiative, stating it has sparked meaningful dialogues with his children about optimising the use of fresh ingredients and making cooking a joyful experience. Rachel Cox-Reynolds, the Director of Sustainability at Ocado Retail, emphasised that the cookbook aims to offer playful and practical tips for families to maximise the utility of their groceries.


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