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One Stop extends fresh produce offering

One Stop is looking to provide customers with healthier, fresher options by extending its fresh food offering with its first range reset in over two years.

From yesterday (24 October), the convenience retailer has added 108 new lines to stores, 16 of which are own-label products such as leeks, parsnips, pink lady apples, grated mozzarella, fresh picked beetroot and large flat mushrooms.

The range reset looks to offer products for home cooked meals as well as convenient solutions, with a new range of branded ready meals including City Kitchen’s chicken and chorizo paella, and chicken katsu curry.

It also looks to offer more sustainable solutions, with the range including products that have extended shelf lives, from 23 to 30 days.

To further minimise food waste and eliminate items that no longer appeal to customers, One Stop is discontinuing 50 product lines.

These changes align with the retailer’s long-term goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2035 and achieving net zero status for its entire value chain by 2050.

One Stop has also used the reset to restructure its fresh merchandising to help customers find products more quickly and easily in stores, with items that complement each other now displayed together.

One Stop head of product Marianne Aitken said: “A lot has changed since we last did such a thorough reset and we’ve experienced massive growth in this time. Customers have been moving towards healthier choices and, as a responsible retailer, we want to provide these options.

“Whilst bringing in a new era of freshness, we’ve also had the opportunity to revise our meal solutions for busy customers. Options now include everything from prepped veg to delicious ready meals.

“We’ve also increased our Pizza Co range so customers can grab and go. Many items from the range are now in 690 stores – an increase of over 150 stores – this just shows how popular this choice is for our customers.”

Franchisees will also have the option to opt in to the new fresh range.

One Stop head of franchise John Miller added: “We know that our retailers are trading in tougher times and helping them drive increased sales and profitability is a key part of our franchise business model.

“Customer satisfaction, a great in-store shopping experience and bigger basket spend is crucial to this, so the extension of our fresh range to include both own label and branded products is an exciting change for our franchisees who will be able to meet the needs of their customers who are looking to scratch cook healthier meals”.


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