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Our Great British Growers: Stoicism in the Face of Challenge

In the face of a particularly challenging season, British growers have demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability.

The season has been fraught with difficulties, notably the delayed harvesting of potatoes, which remain in the ground far beyond their expected picking time.

Additionally, brassicas, including cauliflower, sprouts, and cabbage, have had a challenging start to the season. This is a stark contrast to the previous year's extreme heat, exemplifying the unpredictable nature of British weather.

Jack Ward, CEO of British Growers, has highlighted the significant impact of climate change on the food supply chain, a phenomenon affecting not only the UK but also Europe and other regions.

Despite these challenges, British growers have shown a stoic determination in supplying the Christmas market, a task they have been adept at for many years. Their expertise in managing the pressures of this season is commendable.

However, Ward notes the complications arising from pre-Christmas discounts, which can unexpectedly increase demand and potentially lead to shortages in the following months.

This situation is compounded by the financial strain on growers, who face rising costs without a corresponding increase in returns. This is evident in the pricing of vegetables like cauliflower, which has seen a decrease in retail price since 2015.

The steadfastness and enduring spirit of British growers, as they navigate these complex challenges, are a testament to their commitment to providing for the nation, even in the most trying of times.


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