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Peel Ports Embarks on Pioneering Satellite Mission for Safer Shipping

In a landmark collaboration, Peel Ports, the UK's second-largest port operator, has joined forces with the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) and Channel Coastal Observatory (CCO) to leverage satellite technology for enhancing maritime safety.

This groundbreaking initiative, funded by the UK Space Agency, aims to revolutionise the way ports monitor and maintain their shipping channels.

The six-month project will deploy the NOC's patented coastal mapping technology, utilizing satellite surveillance to gather comprehensive data on the marine environments surrounding the Mersey and Medway estuaries. This unprecedented approach promises to provide a deeper understanding of these critical waterways, enabling Peel Ports to make informed decisions regarding dredging and maintenance activities, ultimately ensuring safer navigation for vessels.

Traditionally, marine observation and upkeep have relied on costly and time-consuming environmental surveys and annual dredging programs. However, this innovative partnership will harness the power of satellites to deliver detailed, real-time data, particularly focusing on challenging intertidal areas that are prone to significant changes.

"This project represents a major step forward in our commitment to providing accurate and timely navigational information," said Gary Doyle, Group Harbour Master at Peel Ports. "By embracing cutting-edge technology, we are not only enhancing safety but also contributing to our marine decarbonization plan."

Christine Sams, Head of Research Engagement at the NOC, expressed her enthusiasm for the project, stating, "This collaboration is a first for the UK, and we are thrilled to offer valuable insights into Peel Ports' operational areas. This will not only provide them with a comprehensive overview of the estuaries but also support the development of proactive strategies for a safer shipping environment."

The project, funded under the UK Space Agency's Unlocking Space for Business initiative, highlights the growing importance of integrating satellite data with terrestrial technologies to improve efficiency and safety across various sectors, including transport, logistics, and financial services.

With this pioneering endeavor, Peel Ports is setting a new standard for port management, demonstrating the potential of space-based solutions to transform maritime operations and ensure the continued safety and prosperity of the UK's vital shipping routes.


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