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Peterborough-based farming charity unveils pioneering £30k scholarship fund

The East of England Agricultural Society has introduced an innovative Scholars Programme, allocating £30,000 to support professionals seeking to elevate their expertise in the fields of agriculture, food, farming, and rural matters.

This scheme is crafted to ignite passion and foster the growth of emerging leaders by financially backing their educational and skill-building journeys.

Those who benefit from this programme will reciprocate by contributing their enhanced knowledge to the Society’s platforms for knowledge sharing.

Each participant can receive a grant of up to £2,000 or have 80% of their educational or experiential learning costs covered.

The allocation is intended to facilitate attendance at pivotal agricultural events, both within the UK and on the international stage.

“This is a superb opportunity for people with agriculture, food, farming and rural affairs backgrounds to get some financial help to springboard their careers by paying for courses and experiences,” said East of England Agricultural Society chairman, Charlie Reynolds.

The Scholars Programme has been borne out of the ideas and inspiration of four of the Society’s members – Anna Goodall, Tom Martin, Tom Arthey, and Rob Wilkinson, who have all played active roles in other East of England Agricultural Society initiatives: The Marshal Papworth Fund; Farming Conference; Kids Country and Cultiv8.

Applications are now open for anyone to apply for a share of the £30k fund in its inaugural year.

The Society is offering up to a maximum of £2k per person or 80% contribution of course or experience costs. It is anticipated applicants will use the funds to attend some key events in the Agriculture calendar, both here in the UK and overseas.

Applicants can express their interest to apply for funding by sending an email in the first instance to:


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