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Record-Breaking Mash Factory Opens in Lincolnshire

In response to soaring demand for mashed potatoes, Branston, a leading potato processor, has unveiled the UK’s largest mash production facility.

This state-of-the-art factory, developed in collaboration with Tesco, aims to revolutionise the mash experience by introducing gourmet-quality products to the market.

The new factory promises to create 80 jobs and enhance the quality of ready-made mashed potatoes, a staple that has seen significant popularity amidst the cost-of-living crisis.

Branston’s commitment to farm-to-fork traceability ensures consumers receive top-quality products.

Jim Windle, CEO of Branston, stated, “We are proud to bring advanced food manufacturing technology and restaurant-quality recipes to one of Britain’s favourite comfort foods.”

For further details, visit Food Manufacture.


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