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Relief through innovation amid surging Fertiliser costs for UK growers

Amidst a tumultuous landscape of rising costs and economic strain in the agricultural sector, farmers in the UK have been grappling with soaring fertiliser expenses due to manufacturers’ heavy reliance on increasingly expensive gas in the production process.

The escalating gas prices have led to a surge in fertiliser costs, affecting the most commonly used fertiliser in the country, ammonium nitrate, which skyrocketed from £217 per tonne in 2020 to an astonishing £719 per tonne last year.

According to a comprehensive analysis, these higher costs have been passed down the supply chain, with farmers burdened by the financial strain, leading them to transfer the increased expenses to shops, and ultimately, to consumers across the nation.

Tom Lancaster, the esteemed head of land, food, and farming at the ECIU, expressed concern over the impact on consumers, stating that it is inevitable for them to bear the brunt of the escalating expenses. Lancaster emphasised that the gas crisis has propelled some of the world’s largest fertiliser companies to record profits, while the consumers foot the bill.

Seeking Viable Solutions

In the face of these challenges, the agriculture community has been eagerly seeking viable solutions to navigate through the difficulties of rising fertiliser costs. In this pursuit, growers are turning their attention to innovative and sustainable alternatives that can not only mitigate the financial burden but also promote environmental responsibility.

Amidst this backdrop, hope for the future emerges in the form of a revolutionary all-natural Soil Booster. The product, developed by agritech company SoilPoint, offers a 100% natural way to enrich soils with concentrated doses of essential minerals, micro-nutrients, antioxidants, and other vital trace elements.

Designed to nurture soil health and promote optimal plant growth the product presents a promising solution for growers seeking cost-effective and eco-friendly approaches to sustainably enhance crop yields.

Harnessing the Power of Nature

The significance of this natural soil booster is further emphasised by its approval by prestigious organisations such as the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and the UK Soil Association. The certification affords the trust and endorsement of the organic farming community, providing growers with an eco-conscious option to fortify their soil health.

As SoilPoint’s Soil Booster gains recognition for its efficacy and environmentally friendly attributes, it stands as a testament to the potential of innovation in addressing the challenges faced by the agriculture industry.

With its organic certification and natural composition, this booster represents a promising step forward for growers seeking to embrace more sustainable farming methods while maintaining the productivity and health of their crops and soils.

Find out more about SoilPoint® Soil Booster at


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