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Reviving connections: Scotland's new ferry route to Europe unveiled

A new initiative is underway to revive the direct ferry service connecting Rosyth in Scotland to the European mainland, with attention now turned towards establishing a link with Dunkirk in France.

Spearheaded by Derek Sloan of Ptarmigan Shipping, "Project Brave" is in the advanced stages of development.

The initial objective was to create a connection with Zeebrugge, but challenges in securing commitments led to a pivot towards Dunkirk.

This ferry service is designed to serve both tourists and freight companies, presenting an option besides the current Newcastle to Amsterdam route.

Dunkirk’s location offers convenient access to Paris and other key European locations. Local MP Douglas Chapman backs the initiative, highlighting Dunkirk's advanced security, customs facilities, and existing DFDS presence as significant advantages.

Sloan, the Scottish businessman behind the project said: “There is a great deal of effort going into what we have named as Project Brave which will see us deliver a direct ferry service from Scotland to Europe.”

“I remain very confident that not only is this service a necessity for hauliers and tourists but will be a huge success on which we can build greater connectivity into European markets.”


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