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Rishi Sunak's 'Buy British' Blunder Amidst Farming Crisis

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faces criticism over a social media post urging Brits to "buy British" amidst ongoing challenges in farming due to Brexit.

His message, intended to promote local produce, sparked backlash as many pointed out the adverse impacts of Brexit on British farming and food supply chains.

One critic highlighted that the government had "allowed foreign imports to crush British food" and imposed trade barriers. The London School of Economics reported a £7bn increase in food import costs due to Brexit trade barriers, adding £250 to household bills on average.

Additionally, a survey by Farmer's Weekly revealed that a significant percentage of British farmers have suffered negative impacts from Brexit, with vegetable and pig farmers being the most affected.

Food critic Jay Rayner condemned Sunak's message, citing Brexit-driven border controls and ill-conceived subsidies as major issues undermining food production.

Others echoed these sentiments, pointing out the UK's historical reliance on food imports and questioning the feasibility of Sunak's call to action. The Deputy Political Editor of the Sunday Mirror, Mikey Smith, also found Sunak's message oddly timed during an election campaign.

The farming sector continues to struggle with new post-Brexit border checks, leading to higher food prices and reduced choice for consumers.

The Border Target Operating Model (BTOM), which mandates checks on animal and plant products from the EU, further exacerbates these issues, drawing criticism from food suppliers for its impractical demands.

Sunak's attempt to promote British produce has instead highlighted the complex and challenging landscape faced by farmers and consumers alike in post-Brexit Britain.


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