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Rotten to the core: The fugitive fruit and veg scammer

Mark Bullen, a notorious scammer, consistently failed to deliver what he claimed to be organic fruit and vegetables during Christmas but which were in fact bought from Tesco.

Bullen offered a slew of excuses ranging from personal illness to issues with his supplier farm in Kent. An alleged victim reported his deceitful activities to Sussex Police, but to no avail. Subsequently, Bullen relocated to Scotland, perpetuating his fraudulent schemes.

The victim painted a grim picture of Bullen, describing him as a man devoid of conscience, quick to threaten those who dared to challenge or confront him.

An individual, who chose to remain anonymous, was employed by Bullen as a delivery driver in Edinburgh. He was tasked with delivering what were falsely claimed to be organic groceries at high-prices but which were primarily sourced from Tesco.

Despite Bullen's promises of remuneration, the driver never saw a penny of his wages. He later commandeered Bullen's Facebook groups, exposing the scammer's tactics of deleting complaints and using various pseudonyms to continue selling his falsely advertised products.

Anna Mazurczyk, another former employee, echoed the driver's sentiments, revealing that Bullen owed her between £100-£200. On top of his financial deceit, Bullen made unsolicited and inappropriate advances towards her, attempting to initiate a romantic relationship multiple times. She soon discerned his true fraudulent nature.

Bullen's extensive web of deceit earned him a spot on BBC's Crimewatch. He meticulously curated his online image, erasing any negative feedback from his websites.

A former schoolmate from Oak Bank in Sevenoaks was taken aback by Bullen's criminal trajectory, recalling him as a seemingly benign individual during their school days. This acquaintance initially defended Bullen on social media amidst rising allegations but soon had to face the unsettling reality of his friend's scams.

Authorities from Kent Police and Police Scotland have confirmed Bullen's wanted status in connection with fraud. However, Sussex Police are not currently pursuing him.


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