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Sainsbury's Champions Local: New 'Best of British' Online Section Boosts UK Produce

Sainsbury's has introduced a 'Best of British' section on its online grocery platform, aiming to spotlight and promote UK-grown products to its vast online customer base.

Photo courtesy of Sainsburys

The section features over 450 items, predominantly fresh fruits and vegetables, sourced directly from British farmers, alongside meat, dairy, eggs, and "chilled essentials," supporting these crucial suppliers.

The initiative also offers customers the opportunity to purchase discounted staples like the Big British Salad, with a focus on maintaining high stock levels for seasonal produce.

This digital campaign is designed to cater to the tech-savvy and those seeking convenient ordering and delivery options.

Simon Roberts, Sainsbury’s CEO, stated, “Many of our customers want to support British suppliers and make more conscious choices when doing their food shop, and our new Buy British web-page helps them to do just that through a curation of over 450 quality, 100% locally sourced products.

"We recognise the pressures that British farmers are facing and the importance of supporting them to maintain a resilient UK food system for the long term. Our relationships with farmers and suppliers are incredibly important to us and we remain committed to sourcing British as much as we can, now and in the future.”

Sainsbury's commitment to British farms is significant, with an annual investment of £2 billion.

The supermarket chain also promotes British-sourced items in over 1,000 of its stores through labelling, packaging, and signage.

Dr Luke Evans MP praised the initiative, saying, “With Sainsbury’s launching a ‘Buy British’ section online they become the latest supermarket to support homegrown produce. Farmers always tell me the best thing we can do to support them is to buy local, homegrown produce and the new ‘Best of British’ section on Sainsbury’s website makes it even easier for shoppers to support our farmers and cut down on unnecessary food miles.

"It’s great to see Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Morrisons all leading the way on the ‘Buy British’ button, I look forward to seeing other supermarkets follow their lead.”

NFU President Tom Bradshaw added, “It’s fantastic to see supermarkets getting behind Dr Luke Evans campaign and I’m delighted that Sainsbury’s is also backing British farmers by adding a British section online in order to signpost shoppers to home-grown produce.

"Our own independent research shows the public want to buy more British food from retailers and we have been championing this issue for some time. The addition of the British section online by Sainsbury’s will help customers support British farmers.”


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