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Seafrigo Leader Awarded Most Influential CEO Accolade

Jason Spencer-Knox, Regional CEO at Seafrigo has been formally acknowledged as the recipient of a prestigious CEO Monthly Magazine ‘Most Influential CEO’ award.

The awards, whose recipients are handpicked by the magazine every month, represent public recognition of the contribution made by global leaders who have been proven to demonstrate influence and strong leadership within their organisations.

Candidates for the award are assessed against a stringent list of criteria which include how the nominee’s input and authority impacts the organisation’s strategy, performance, consistency, adaptability, communication, forward planning, emotional intelligence, and culture & values.

Ultimately, the awards celebrate CEOs from all around the world who ‘consistently show noteworthy leadership qualities, which are lived and breathed through their organisations’.

Spencer-Knox, who joined Seafrigo in September 2022 as Regional CEO has over 20 years’ experience in supply chain and logistics and currently oversees the strategic direction of Seafrigo within his given territory, including a strong focus on a planned programme for growth and ensuring the continued profitability of the business’ operations within the global perishables and temperature-controlled logistics sector.

Commenting on the award, Spencer-Knox said, “I’m humbled and honoured to have received this significant accolade. As a CEO I am fortunate to be part of such a progressive organisation and to be in the company of many other great leaders and equally important, leaders in the making.

Grateful as I am for this award, I must also seize this opportunity to pay tribute to my team at Seafrigo, whose commitment, dedication and passion for excellence, is integral to the company’s success.”


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