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Shift Towards Healthier Grocery Choices Highlighted by Study

Recent research by Uber Eats indicates a marked shift in consumer behaviour, with an increasing number of UK shoppers opting for healthier grocery items when using delivery services.

The study reveals a substantial rise in the preference for fresh produce such as strawberries and bananas, as opposed to traditionally popular sugary and salty snacks. Over the past two years, grocery orders via Uber Eats in the UK have nearly doubled, with fresh produce accounting for 74% of this growth.

The findings underscore a broader trend of consumers integrating healthier options into their diets, leveraging the convenience of delivery apps. Notably, the research points out that Monday evenings see the highest demand for fresh grocery deliveries, suggesting a possible trend of starting the week with healthier choices.

Uber Eats has responded to this evolving consumer preference by introducing features like Courier Pick and Pack, aiming to streamline the shopping experience and enhance convenience for users. This feature allows couriers to select and pack groceries, ensuring that customers receive their orders efficiently.

The data provides valuable insights into changing shopping habits and highlights the growing role of delivery services in promoting healthier eating patterns. This trend not only reflects a shift in consumer priorities but also presents opportunities for grocery delivery platforms to innovate and better meet the needs of health-conscious shoppers.

For more information, visit the Retail Technology Innovation Hub.


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