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South London farm warns it may be forced to close as people stop buying fresh produce

A South London community farm which wants to provide locally grown food could have to shut down if it can’t raise £50,000 to survive the cost of living crisis. Sutton Community Farm has launched a six-week crowdfunder to raise the cash to secure its future.

The farm was set up in 2010 and is based on a seven-acre site in Wallington. It claims to be London’s only community-owned fruit and veg farm.

It has more than 70 volunteers who work on the farm every week and last year it produced 18 tonnes of food. Some of this is sent to food banks and other local charities while the rest is sold, making money for the farm.

However, the cost of living crisis means fewer people are buying from the farm and coupled with rising costs for running the farm it faces an uncertain future.

Volunteer Gay McDonagh, said: “Volunteering at the farm keeps me in a great mental state, being outside in all weather, and being with a great variety of people of many ages. It also keeps me in touch with my source of food and helps me to contribute to a fantastic sustainable food project which is playing a positive role in the climate crisis.”

A fundraiser was launched on Monday (March 20) and has already raised more than £9,000. It is due to run until April 28 and would provide financial security until 2024 – The farm says it would use the money as a safety net while it grows its customer base and applies for grant funding.


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