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Spooky season surprise: why this year's pumpkins are the biggest yet

In a delightful turn of events for Halloween aficionados, this year’s pumpkins are set to be larger than ever, thanks to Britain’s unpredictable summer weather. While the rainier mid-summer months of July and August may have dampened spirits, they proved to be a blessing for the UK’s pumpkin growers.

Tesco, one of the leading multinational groceries and general merchandise retailers, is gearing up for a surge in demand as this season’s oversized pumpkins hit the stores on Monday, October 2.

Lucy Moss, a pumpkin buyer at Tesco, shared the exciting news, attributing the increased size to optimal growing conditions experienced throughout the summer.

Oakley Farms, one of Europe’s largest pumpkin suppliers, echoed this sentiment. The farm, located near Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, produces approximately five million pumpkins annually and has worked diligently to minimise waste.

Steve Whitworth, the Commercial Manager at Oakley Farms, highlighted the favourable growing season characterized by a hot June followed by rainy July and August. While not ideal for sunbathers, these conditions were perfect for nurturing pumpkins.

This year, Tesco is offering six different sizes of pumpkins, each larger than the previous year’s counterparts. The retailer anticipates that the carving variety will continue to be a fan favourite.

In a bid to combat food waste, Tesco has noted an uptick in customers seeking recipes on their Real Food website to make the most of the versatile pumpkin flesh.


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