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Tesco's entire network of fruit and veg growers achieve LEAF-Marque certification

Tesco's fruit and vegetable growers in the UK are all LEAF-Marque certified, setting a high standard for sustainability that ought to last for many years.

The roughly 500 growers have agreed to adhere to strict climate guidelines, which include preserving the health of the land, cutting back on carbon emissions, and halting deforestation. They have also encouraged biodiversity on all of their farms.

According to Tesco's Ashwin Prasad, Chief Product Officer, "Reaching this huge milestone was only possible by working in conjunction with our suppliers and growers, and it's incredibly gratifying to see environmental changes already having an impact on farms around the UK." We're urging the whole food industry to join us in developing uniform, better environmental practices as we continue to roll out the LEAF Marque across our global supply chain.

Within the next two years, Tesco plans to get all of its international chains LEAF Marque certified. Growers must, like those in the UK, develop their methods for dealing with the environment and the climate while also making a commitment to supporting their economies and society as a whole. Getting all 8,000 producers to support that cause is a big but doable task.

According to Philip Wynn, chairman and acting CEO of LEAF, "the continuous roll out of LEAF Marque across Tesco's entire global fresh produce supply chain is a pivotal moment." "Growers who have earned the LEAF Marque certification are among the most creative and forward-thinking in the world. We continue to expand up our efforts to serve Tesco's fresh produce growers and look forward to working with them very much.


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