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Truss pledges to create ‘agriculture of the future’ by removing EU red tape

Liz Triss has outlined her plans to remove EU regulations and make British farmers more competitive.

The prime ministerial candidate visited farmers in the southwest of England and highlighted the “once in a lifetime opportunity” leaving the EU has given us to “truly unleash British food and farming”.

She vowed to ensure the regulatory regime works for British farmers and remove onerous EU regulations and red tape which, she stated, continue to hold them back from growing more sustainable and high-quality British food.

Part of the proposals include making it easier for farmers and growers to access the workers they need – with a short-term expansion to the seasonal workers scheme – addressing longer-term skills shortages and breaking down barriers to the adoption of labour-saving technologies.

Meanwhile, Truss plans to adopt and develop world-leading farming technology and infrastructure by replacing EU regulations that restrict such advances including agricultural drone use and precision breeding technologies.

She hopes this will unleash the UK’s competitive advantage and create the agriculture industry of the future.

Truss said: “The pandemic and cost of living crisis have shown it is more vital than ever for us to ensure we have a high quality and affordable supply of British food.”


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