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Two New Premium Cherry Brands Launched in UK and International Markets

Fruit World International, a renowned player in the fresh produce industry, has announced the launch of two premium cherry brands, Bonanza and Blossom, aimed at the UK and international markets.

The introduction of these brands is part of the company's strategy to provide growers with new opportunities for marketing large, high-quality cherries.

Jon Clark, Managing Director of Fruit World International, shared insights on the launch, stating, "Our goal is to create alternative markets for growers who produce premium cherries. Despite facing significant weather challenges this year, which have impacted crop yields across the UK and Europe, we are confident that Bonanza and Blossom will meet the high standards expected by consumers."

The weather conditions, particularly heavy rain and late frosts, have led to a reduction in cherry yields, making it a challenging season for growers. However, Clark emphasises the resilience of the industry and the importance of maintaining strict quality standards. "By adhering to rigorous protocols, we can ensure that our cherries are not only of the highest quality but also meet the requirements of international markets," he said.

The introduction of these brands is timely, as there is a growing demand for premium fruits in various markets, including the EU and the Middle and Far East. Clark highlighted the potential for UK cherries to gain a strong foothold in these regions. "We see significant opportunities in expanding our reach to international markets. The Middle East and Far East, in particular, are showing an increasing appetite for high-quality produce."

Fruit World International's commitment to quality is evident in their meticulous approach to branding and marketing. The Bonanza and Blossom cherries are expected to set a new benchmark in the industry, offering consumers a superior product that stands out in terms of taste and appearance.


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