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UK berry growers name Co-op Group their retailer of the year

The Co-op Group has been honoured as the Retailer of the Year by the British Berry Growers association.

This prestigious annual award recognises the retailer with the most significant growth in berry sales by volume, and the Co-op Group has impressively achieved a 22.1% increase in volume sales across all berry varieties.

The Group maintains strong working relationships with British farmers and the fresh produce sector throughout the year. Mark Cloudy, a buyer for the Co-op Group, expressed delight at the recognition, highlighting the Group's achievements. These include being the first retailer to supply 100% British strawberries for the King's coronation and the continued support and collaboration with British growers and suppliers.

This partnership approach has led to a 22% growth in British berry volumes this year, offering great taste, quality, and value to members and customers across the UK.

Nick Marston, chair of the British Berry Growers, praised the Co-op's growing commitment to purchasing British berries. With a 22.1% rise in volume sales across all berries, the Co-op has significantly outperformed in year-on-year growth.

Marston hopes other retailers will follow this example, emphasising the importance of supporting local growers. Buying British, he notes, reduces food miles and aligns with consumer preferences for locally sourced produce.


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