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UK fruit and vegetable prices up 35%

DEFRA’s September fruit and veg prices in 2022 have been compared to those in 2019, the last normal trading period pre-pandemic.

It shows that September seasonal fruit and vegetable prices in the UK have gone up by 35% compared to the same period in 2019.

Runner and climbing beans saw the biggest increase at a whopping 209% rise from £1.40 per kilogram in 2019 to £4.24 in 2022.

Apple prices have also rocketed by 38% since 2019, with the Bramley's seedings variety seeing the biggest increase at 67% in price from 99p per kilogram to £1.59.

Other notable increases were pre-packaged spring greens, which have risen by 46% in price from £1.00 per kilogram to £1.46, and courgettes, with prices up 38% since 2019.

Carrot prices had soared by 35% from 40p per kilogram in 2019 to 54p in 2022.

Tomatoes were the only seasonal vegetable to drop in price.

Vine tomatoes plummeted from £2.29 per kilogram in September 2019 versus £1.32 in the comparative 2022 period, a 42% dip. Round tomatoes also dropped 31% in price from £1.35 to 93p per kilogram.


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