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UK Government Suspends Post-Brexit Border Checks

The UK government will halt health and safety inspections on EU imports as new post-Brexit border controls come into effect.

Leaked documents reveal fears of "significant disruption" if controls are fully implemented.

A Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) presentation warned that systems remain unprepared. To avert delays, the government will initially set the rate of checks to "zero for all commodity groups".

Delays to the border controls have occurred five times due to concerns over disruption and inflation. Defra's presentation admits "challenges" remain concerning registration of food and animal imports, potentially leading to overwhelming inspections.

"There is a potential for significant disruption on day one if all commodity codes are turned on at once," the presentation stated. The duration of the suspension remains unclear, but systems will reportedly be switched on gradually for different products.

Trade groups have urged delays until October. Further changes will require security declarations for certain imports and the introduction of a single trade window. Checks on goods from the island of Ireland are also postponed until after October 31st.

A Defra spokesperson defended the move: “As we have always said, the goods posing the highest biosecurity risk are being prioritised as we build up to full check rates and high levels of compliance…

"Taking a pragmatic approach to introducing our new border checks minimises disruption, protects our biosecurity and benefits everyone – especially traders.

“There has been extensive engagement with businesses over the past year – with our approach welcomed by several trade associations and port authorities.

“We will continue to work with and support businesses throughout this process to maintain the smooth flow of imported goods.”

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28 avr.

physical checks should be done at the boarder because traders with transporters transport prohibited plants and plant products with false declarations on the phytosanitary certificates

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