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UK Strawberry Season Defies Weather with Tesco Debut

Despite a rain-soaked start to the year, resilience reigns in British fields as the inaugural harvest of commercial strawberries arrives at Tesco.

Photo courtesy of Tesco

The triumph over challenging weather conditions marks a major win for growers.

"The first batch of these resilient strawberries, nurtured under the watchful eye of expert growers and subjected to rigorous quality assessments, is now available to consumers, heralding the start of what is hoped to be a fruitful season," Tesco stated.

This milestone aligns with Tesco's drive to champion local produce, demonstrating its commitment to British farmers and top-tier offerings for customers.

A Tesco spokesperson explained, "We're constantly working to expand our selection of fresh, UK-grown produce. This strawberry success story underscores the skill of our growers and the potential for overcoming obstacles in pursuit of quality."

“There’s nothing like the start of the British strawberry season to put a smile on people’s faces, especially after all the rain we’ve had for so long now,” said Callum Baker, a Tesco buyer.

“There is always a lot of excitement about the first British strawberries being picked because their arrival means that summer is not too far away. And of course there is with plenty to look forward to with such a summer of sport ahead, including Wimbledon, the event most associated with strawberries.

"More than 150 tonnes of fruit, or 375,000 punnets, have already been sent to Tesco outlets nationwide. They arrived in West and East Sussex late last week and will be distributed other areas in the next week or so, weather pending.

“If the weather stays relatively good from now then we’ll seen UK-wide availability of British grown strawberries by mid-May but obviously if temperatures rise a bit and we get more sunshine then that could come sooner,” said Baker.


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