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UK vertical farming company gets a new growing system

Powerplus Group have completed the build of a newly created container farm designed by LettUs Grow, a forward-thinking vertical farm supplier in the UK.

LettUs Grow designs Aeroponic vertical farm equipment to use in research and commercial horticulture. The company's use of sustainable practices has certified it as a B. Rated Corporation.

The project would intend to first create the framework for the operating systems with an on-site program to finalise the products ready for commercial rollout.

With an accelerated project timeline, the installation team worked alongside the on-site designers at LettUs Grow to execute this to Powerplus's exacting standards.

The horticultural team returned to the site once trials and stress testing had been done to complete the final inspections, certification, and run-through operating procedure for the new container farms.

The company now plans to roll out the products as a commercial items to growers and researchers around the globe to help tackle the issues of food security.

"We wish the team at LettUs good fortune with their ongoing expansion and look forward to seeing this growing system in use to provide fresh produce to local communities of the end client."


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