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Unveiling art-Inspired raspberry varieties: A blend of aesthetics and efficiency

Angus Soft Fruits is set to revolutionise the berry market with the introduction of two innovative raspberry varieties, AVA Monet and AVA Dali. These new breeds, inspired by the elegance of art, are not only a visual delight but also a practical solution to the challenges faced by growers.

A Masterpiece in Berry Breeding

Slated for a commercial debut in 2024, these varieties are the outcome of meticulous breeding, balancing aesthetics with functionality. AVA Monet and AVA Dali are distinguished by their ease of harvest, a feature that addresses the escalating cost pressures on growers.

Tailored for Efficiency

AVA Monet boasts short, compact laterals, facilitating a swift harvest, while AVA Dali, with its elongated structure, ensures that pickers have easy access to the fruits without navigating through dense foliage. These design features are instrumental in enhancing picking efficiency, a critical aspect in the economic viability of raspberry farming.

A Symphony of Flavour and Size

Beyond the ease of picking, these varieties are notable for their generous size and delightful flavour. AVA Monet and AVA Dali are late primocane varieties, adaptable to diverse climates, ensuring a consistent, year-round supply. In the UK, these berries will be an exclusive offering to Angus Soft Fruits growers.

A Sustainable Future in Berry Farming

These innovations are a testament to Angus Soft Fruits’ commitment to advancing sustainable and economically viable berry farming. The introduction of AVA Monet and AVA Dali is anticipated to mark a new chapter in berry farming, combining the allure of art with the pragmatism of science.

As the world of berry farming evolves, the introduction of art-inspired, efficient, and flavourful varieties like AVA Monet and AVA Dali exemplifies the fusion of beauty and utility. These berries are not just a treat to the palate but are also poised to address the practical challenges of cultivation, heralding a new era of sustainable and efficient berry farming in the UK and beyond.


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