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Unveiling the future: Riseholme's new glasshouse set to revolutionise British agriculture

In a significant stride for British agricultural innovation, Riseholme Campus is set to unveil a cutting-edge research facility, thanks to a generous grant of £1,333,000 from the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership and an additional £888,666 from the University of Lincoln.

A Beacon of Agricultural Innovation

This avant-garde glasshouse is not just a structural marvel but a nexus of research and innovation, designed to catapult the UK to the forefront of agricultural technology. Nestled in the heart of Lincolnshire, the facility is a testament to the synergy of modern architecture and technological prowess.

Tailored for Excellence

With compartments that can be controlled independently, the glasshouse promises bespoke solutions, facilitating a myriad of projects simultaneously. It stands as a cornerstone of the proposed Agricultural Growth Zone (Ag Zone), a visionary initiative aimed at bolstering Lincolnshire’s agricultural landscape and laying the foundations for the UK Food Valley.

A Partnership Carved in Progress

The facility will also play a pivotal role in the Agritech Incubator, a collaborative venture between the University and Barclays Eagle Labs. This partnership underscores a shared vision of fostering innovation and propelling businesses within the agricultural sector into a future graced with technology and efficiency.

Voices of Affirmation

Professor Simon Pearson, at the helm of the Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology (LIAT), lauded the facility as a monumental addition to the world-class research and innovation ecosystem at the University of Lincoln's Riseholme Campus. He underscored its pivotal role in fostering research, innovation, and skills development, not just for the Local Enterprise Partnership but for the national horticulture sector at large.

Sarah Louise Fairburn, the esteemed Chair of the Greater Lincolnshire LEP Food Board, echoed these sentiments. She highlighted the project’s instrumental role in supporting innovative businesses in Greater Lincolnshire, particularly those carving niches in agricultural and horticultural technology.

A Future Etched in Prosperity

The glasshouse is not just a structure but a symbol of the University's unwavering commitment to pioneering research in a sector that is integral to Greater Lincolnshire. As LIAT continues to burgeon, the new facility promises to augment its capabilities, marking a new chapter of innovation, research, and unparalleled excellence in the agricultural sector.


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