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Veggie Victory: UK's Innovative TV Campaign 'Eat Them To Defeat Them' Returns to Turn the Tide on Children's Health

Veg Power, alongside ITV, Channel 4, and Sky Media, has announced the return of the highly successful "Eat Them To Defeat Them" campaign, aimed at enhancing vegetable consumption among UK children.

Set to reappear on television and in primary schools nationwide from mid-February, this initiative enters its sixth year with a proven track record of encouraging healthier eating habits in children.

The campaign, which has significantly boosted vegetable intake among the youth since its inception, is scheduled to kick off during the finale of ITV's "The Masked Singer" on 17 February 2024.

Alarmingly, 80% of UK children are not consuming adequate amounts of vegetables, with a third of them eating less than one portion daily. This pressing public health concern not only affects children's immediate well-being but also has long-term implications, including higher healthcare costs and diminished productivity due to poor dietary habits established in childhood.

The "Eat Them To Defeat Them" campaign addresses this issue head-on by leveraging the appeal of advertising combined with an impactful school programme, engaging a broad coalition of television advertising, celebrities, supermarkets, chefs, schools, communities, and families.

Since its launch in 2019, the campaign has reached over 1.5 million children across 4,884 primary and special schools.

The 2024 campaign, a collaborative effort between ITV, Channel 4, and Sky Media, has seen over £18 million in advertising contributions.

The upcoming school programme, set to launch on 19 February, aims to engage 637,000 children from 2,370 schools throughout the UK, with all primary schools in Wales participating thanks to funding from the Welsh Government.

Dan Parker, Chief Executive of Veg Power, expressed optimism about the campaign's positive influence on children's diets. Susie Braun, ITV's Director of Social Purpose, highlighted the campaign's success in promoting healthier eating habits in a fun and engaging manner.

Verica Djurdjevic, Chief Revenue Officer at Channel 4, and Brett Aumuller, Managing Director at Sky Media, both praised the campaign's effectiveness in inspiring dietary changes and its role as a testament to the power of creative, multi-channel campaigns in making a tangible difference in people's lives.

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