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Waddington Europe to supply soft-fruit punnets to UK industry

Novolex, a leading provider of thermoforming packaging in Europe, has made an announcement that its division, Waddington Europe, has achieved a significant milestone. It has become the first company to offer a complete range of soft-fruit punnets that are easy to recycle to the UK industry.

The new solution, in contrast to traditional punnets, utilises less plastic and is manufactured using Waddington's Monoair cushion technology.

Novolex has stated that the Monoair punnets are designed to provide a transparent view of the fresh fruits they contain.

This lightweight solution ensures firm protection for the fruits, preventing them from becoming soft during transportation.

The company has remarked that the new punnets can be produced using up to 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) materials. Moreover, they can be recycled into food-grade rPET, which aids in the production of new packaging.

The new 100% mono-material solution is presently available in three different versions: square (WE62), large rectangular (WE80), and standard rectangular (WE37).

Eduardo Gomes, Managing Director of Waddington Europe, commented, "Our punnets have gained immense popularity, so we aimed to expand our offerings and provide an even wider range of choices. This includes introducing the first large rectangular version (WE80) in the UK market."

Waddington Europe has disclosed that its UK-based industry partner and distributor, Produce Packaging, now stocks the Monoair range of soft-fruit punnets.

Traditionally, the bases of standard soft-fruit punnets were made using rigid PET plastic to provide a comprehensive view of the fruits inside.

Furthermore, these bases necessitated an additional layer of bubble padding, attached with adhesive glue, to protect the soft fruits during transit. This rendered the packaging non-recyclable without removing the bubble padding and adhesive, as stated by the company.

Gomes further explained, "Thanks to our new MONOAIR technology, our punnets no longer require this additional bubble padding. This reduces plastic usage and makes recycling much simpler."

"Consumers can effortlessly place the punnet into their recycling bin without the inconvenience of separating the padding. This simplifies the lives of consumers while increasing the number of punnets that can be recycled."


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