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Watch Steve Barclay MP Answer BTOM Questions at EFRA Committee

In an eagerly anticipated session, Steve Barclay MP is set to address a range of critical questions concerning the Border and Protocol Delivery Group (BTOM) at the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee.

This significant event, scheduled for broadcast tomorrow (26 March), promises to shed light on pressing issues facing the fresh produce sector in the UK.

As the industry navigates through complex challenges, including trade barriers and regulatory changes post-Brexit, the insights from this session are invaluable. Steve Barclay, is urged to provide clarity on the government's strategies and support mechanisms designed to bolster the sector's resilience and growth.

Details are as follows:

Tuesday 26 March at 2.30pm, Committee room 6, Palace of Westminster

The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Steve Barclay MP, will appear before the EFRA Committee for the first time in a public session on Tuesday 26th March at 2.30pm.

The Committee will quiz the DEFRA Secretary on the work of the Department and probe on a number of topics, including food security and the Government’s food policy, Environmental Land Management schemes and related farming issues, flooding, and issues within the water industry.

The Committee will question the Secretary of State on the UK’s biosecurity, ahead of the next stage of the Border Target Operating Model coming into effect in April, with the Committee again raising its concerns over the new arrangements at the Dover Border Control Post.

The session will also see MPs discuss the state of the labour force across the agricultural and veterinary sectors and examine how the planned introduction of the Immigration Salary List may affect the UK’s ability to attract and retain workers in the sectors. MPs will additionally raise the issue of the Government’s delayed response to the John Shropshire review.

Witnesses from 2.30pm on 26 March:

  • Rt Hon Steve Barclay MP, Secretary of State, DEFRA


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