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Welsh Government in push to boost supply chains through onshore wind farms

It will create a renewable developer to tackle energy insecurity.

The Welsh Government will set up a state-owned energy developer - focused on building on-shore wind turbines. They said it was in response to energy insecurity, the cost-of-living crisis and the increasing threats posed by the climate and nature emergencies.

Minister for Climate Change, Julie James said energy profits created in Wales will deliver greater benefit for people in Wales.

Surplus funds generated through the new developer will go back into the public purse to be reinvested in improving energy efficiency across supply chains and creating good quality, home grown, clean energy jobs.

Delivering on aims to have more than one gigawatt of locally-owned generation by 2030, the new state-owned energy developer will scale up renewable energy rollout, initially through the development of onshore wind projects on the Welsh Government woodland estate.

The Minister said: “We want to harvest our wind and use it to produce power that directly benefits people in Wales. “We will set up a publicly-owned renewable energy developer. This is a long-term sustainable investment that puts net zero and the communities of Wales at the heart of the transition we need.

“With soaring living costs and an ongoing lack of certainty around energy supply, the Minister said the current UK market was “bad for bill payers”.

The focus of Wales’ energy policy is securing a reliable and diverse energy mix that delivers local benefit.

Minister for Climate Change Julie James added: “If other countries are anything to go by, then we should expect considerable returns from our investment and – as we share the ambitions of these other nations – we have a genuine opportunity to produce an income that will really help us to deliver here.”

The Tories Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Janet Finch-Saunders MS said: “There has been no detail as to how much money is going to be invested and no clarity as to how this plan will fit with the existing Energy Service."


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