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World's largest crop ad takes root in a British potato field

Walkers, the well-known crisp manufacturer, has unveiled an unprecedented 'crop advertisement' spanning 73,532 square feet within a British field of spuds.

Assisted by Tim Rodwell, a farmer based in Yorkshire, the brand transformed nearly 30,000 potato plants into their most extraordinary marketing stunt to date.

Visible Even from Outer Space

This colossal artwork outstrips the dimensions of any existing billboard globally and is so immense that it can be spotted from space.

The creation process took a week and involved the use of drones to delineate the exact shapes needed. Subsequently, the team used hoes to manually carve out the slogan 'Great Taste Starts Here,' accompanied by the silhouette of a Walkers crisps packet.

A Commitment to Sustainability

The campaign serves to accentuate Walkers' dedication to utilising solely British potatoes that are cultivated sustainably. Tim Rodwell, who manages the farm, executed this 'crop advertisement' with a handful of other potato growers for Walkers, right before the spuds were harvested to become crisps.

Remarkably, the team used only hand tools, ensuring that no potatoes were damaged in the process.

Words from the Collaborators

"I feel incredibly fortunate to have been raised on a farm and am now proudly growing potatoes for Walkers," said Rodwell. "It's not every day you get to craft a massive message for the UK using potato plants."

Rachael Smith of Walkers added, "We deeply care about our farmers and the quality of our crisps. We're committed to sustainable farming practices because we know that top-notch crisps begin with top-notch potatoes. That's why this unique 'crop advert' is something we're extremely proud of."


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