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Your Apples Just Got Smarter: IFPS introduce Improved Database in Sustainability Drive

The International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS) has completed the transition to a significantly improved website including a more functional PLU database. 

Users will be happy to know the database is now available in four languages:  English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.  In addition, the IFPS, along with the Global Coalition of Fresh Produce is taking the next step in efforts towards standardization in sustainability schemas and reporting via the International Sustainability Summit hosted in conjunction with one of its members, the Canadian Produce Marketing Association. 


To ensure the produce voice is heard, the IFPS recently joined the Consumer Goods Forum which houses both the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and the Sustainability Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI). 

“Since its incorporation, the IFPS has worked with many global standards-setting organizations to ensure that the uniqueness of fresh produce is imbedded in standards which impact the daily business of produce,” noted Jane Proctor, IFPS 2023/24 Board Chair. 

“We’ve been successful in establishing global standards that include traceability, produce identification, and the electronic exchange of fresh produce product information along the supply chain – we see sustainability as another area where standardization is crucial.”


The IFPS welcomes the addition of national fresh produce associations and associated organizations in its membership.  For more information, visit


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