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Your feedback needed on Seasonal Workers Scheme

The Fresh Produce Consortium are seeking your feedback and views on the Seasonal Worker Scheme and any impacts you have seen in your businesses or in relation to your workers.

These can be provided anonymously and will be fed into a multi-stakeholder roundtable being held in October, involving retailers, suppliers, growers, law enforcement and government. The outputs of the roundtable will be shared back with FPC members.

As you will be aware, seasonal migrant workers are hugely important to the UK agriculture industry with 40,000 visas made available each year for people who want to come and work on UK farms.

However, since the Seasonal Worker Scheme launched in 2019, there have been reported incidences of human rights abuses and modern slavery type offences within the scheme, particularly debt bondage and excessive recruitment fees charged to migrant workers.

Please click here to let us know your views and forward the survey both within and outside of your organisation to any interested party.


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