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Arqcom CAD-Earth 4.1.9




Adobe released the first public version of Adobe XNMedia Server . It contains 'editable models for large datasets such as buildings, street networks, or road networks, as well as maps and globes for viewing, annotation, and playback'. Wang Li released a paper detailing a work in progress that allows for seamless transfer of large scale 3D mesh models between the Google Earth 3D Warehouse and Google Earth . Fusion Version 5.3 of Google Earth allows you to add and view 3D models. There are several challenges with this including the fact that the Google Earth viewer doesn't currently support 3D. This means that 3D models need to be first converted into Google Earth's image format. Also, currently, only two formats are supported: the Earth Metadata XML format (version 1.3) and the Protovis format. Another problem that has arisen is that the Google Earth Store is still closed to third-party sellers, so the only way to buy items from the store is by using the Google Checkout service. At the same time, two new applications were released. Google EarthOut is a application that exports your 3D models to the 3D Warehouse using the Earth Metadata XML. The 3D Warehouse lets you upload and share 3D models from any 3D application that is able to export models in the Earth Metadata XML format. Google Earth Fusion allows you to import 3D models from the 3D Warehouse. The idea behind Google Earth Fusion is to create 3D scenes from a number of "plants". For example, the new London Underground station at Wembley Park is a 3D model made from multiple plants, including one made of LEGO bricks, one made of Lego Technic parts, and one made of real bricks. Google Earth Fusion lets you view these plants in 3D. However, the plants need to be uploaded to the 3D Warehouse and their quality must be evaluated before they are approved for viewing in the 3D Google Earth environment. The quality will determine how much detail is revealed in the 3D model. At the Google I/O conference on 28 June, 2006, several changes were announced for Google Earth. Version 5.4, planned to be released in August 2006, will allow users to download 3D models directly into Google Earth. In addition, since 2005, Google Earth uses a browser plug-in to run. It is supported by all modern browsers. Google Earth was first announced as a




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Arqcom CAD-Earth 4.1.9
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