1 in every 4 freight vehicles will have 5G connectivity by 2025, says report

We are entering a new world of connected logistics with one in every four lorries predicted to have 5G connectivity by 2025. This evolution will make better use of real-time data transfer and fast cloud communication, among other improvements, a new report has shown.

"By 2025, the 5G vehicle market landscape will shift dramatically as the current global leaders will have penetrated the market with their next-generation offerings," said Research Vice-President Neil Shah.

The global connected transport market remained resilient in 2021 despite ongoing problems such as semiconductor shortages, production losses, cost inflation, and freight disruption.

According to research from Counterpoint's Smart Automotive Service that came out late on Tuesday, 4G-enabled vehicles are reaching maturity in developed countries like the US, China, Germany, and the UK, alongside the entrance of 5G telematics control units (TCUs).

The shift towards digitization in transport is increasing at a rapid pace and is visible as the global connected EV penetration has been on a consistent rise.

"As countries worldwide further strengthen their 4G network coverage and embrace next-generation cellular technology, we will see more connected freight vehicles coming to market with advanced safety and tracking features," said senior analyst Soumen Mandal.

"As we move towards an electric future, other brands like Ford and Fiat, which already have top-selling freight vehicles in their portfolios, will make the EV market more fragmented by introducing more models," said Mandal.

Source: Business Standard