Fresh Produce industry committed to maintaining high standards says FPC

Sian Thomas of the Fresh Produce Consortium, which represents salad growers, said: "The fresh produce industry is committed to maintaining high standards."

The Fresh Produce Consortium have been asked to comment to the Sunday Times, regarding recently published research funded by the Food Standards Agency, looking at the prevalence of Norovirus in produce sold at retail in the UK.

They say, "To date no Norovirus outbreak in the UK has been positively implicated to fresh produce contamination."

The report also states that ‘RT-PRC detection of Norovirus does not indicate per se that the virus was infectious.

"The fresh produce industry is committed to maintain high standards through Good Agricultural Practice, hygiene preparation practices and packaging to minimise the potential for contamination of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The UK food and drink industry carries out its own monitoring of products. We must never be complacent about food safety and the impact of food borne outbreaks wherever they occur.

Outbreaks linked with the contamination of fresh produce are rare in the UK. We will continue to ensure that UK consumers can enjoy eating safe fresh fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy diet."

Source: FreshtalkDaily News