Adding value, now and in the future: Jenny Palmer on her role as FPC’s Membership Manager

Since joining the Fresh Produce Consortium back in January this year, Jenny Palmer, the FPC’s Membership Manager, has worked enthusiastically to highlight the role that the consortium plays in lobbying for change on the issues that affect the fresh produce industry, as well as adding ongoing value for its members.

I asked Jenny about how she sees her new role and what she has planned for members over the coming months.

“I’m the first point of contact for FPC members” says Jenny. It’s my role to ensure that they are getting continued value from their membership and that we are providing ongoing support with the issues that matter to them.”

It’s a legacy that Jenny wants to continue and a message she plans to amplify throughout the fresh produce industry.

“The FPC prides itself on it’s ability to effectively lobby for its members in a way that creates positive change and adds long-term benefits” she explains.

“Our Technical Group Forum regularly meets with Government organisations to discuss topics affecting fresh produce business and to influence regulatory decisions that can make a hugely positive difference to our members.”

Being hands-on and accessible is of great importance to Jenny, who regularly travels cross-country to meet up with members, ensuring that they are personally updated on industry legislation, activities and new opportunities.

“On a day to day basis, I try to provide members with ongoing practical advice, away from the scaremongering and sensationalism of the press” she explains “supporting events and creating new opportunities for our members to experience real-world commercial facilitation in a community environment”

For more information about the benefits of FPC membership please contact Jenny Palmer at or telephone 01733 405790.