Blue Skies: 10 years. 100 projects. 100,000 people

June 26, 2019

2019 marks the tenth year of the Blue Skies Foundation, which is a cooperation between the fresh fruit company Blue Skies, and two retailers, Waitrose & Partners in the UK and Albert Heijn in the Netherlands.



Through this unique and progressive cooperation, the Foundation seeks to support the communities which participate in the production of fresh-cut fruit products that are made by Blue Skies. 

A new report has been put together to look back at what has been achieved over the past ten years.


The Foundation is structured in a way that enables projects to be chosen by the people living within the communities where Blue Skies operates in Ghana, South Africa, Senegal and Egypt.


Their Councils, which are made up of representatives of the areas where they work, and their Board of Directors, ensure the foundation follows a democratic process in how projects are prioritised, and takes collective responsibility for overseeing the implementation and evaluation of all initiatives.


Read the full report here.



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