Antwerp forecasts a radical shift in shortsea shipping after Brexit

September 11, 2019

The port of Antwerp is predicting a radical shift in UK-European Union shortsea shipping from ferry to container transport, along with a massive rise in customs declarations.  

Management at the Belgian port believe that goods entering or leaving the EU by ferry ports will “face more checks and red tape” once the UK leaves the EU.

The Antwerp white paper is aimed at “jolting companies” into taking a hard look at their logistics chain. It contains practical information on ways of using shortsea to reduce future uncertainties or delays or avoid them altogether. 
The port anticipates that accompanied trucks will increasingly be replaced by shortsea container transport, with unaccompanied goods loaded on board by crane, and it is “gearing up” for further expansion of shortsea links with the UK, offering “at least part of the solution for the consequences of Brexit”.  
In a paper published recently, Antwerp warns that Brexit will mean more inspections of people, goods and documents, resulting in “higher costs, congestion and longer transit times for ferry transport”.  


Source: Lloyd's List

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